Three days ago was the beginning of a new work adventure. I’m currently employed with a local temp agency which in a strange way is a wonderful and unique experience. For about a month I was working for a company called Herman Miller, which was a wonderful experience and fun while it lasted. However it was best to part ways and try a new path with the temp agency. 

With that being said, the Temp agency had placed me with a company called Serve u success. Which handles the distribution inventory of a semi national grocery chain called Meijer. As basic of a description as I can give we load up inventory onto Pallets in the warehouse to be shipped to the various stores . It’s pretty fun even though I’m still adjusting and learning. More freedoms and less feeling like a robotic worker bee.

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I published my new episode testing the waters, please check it out.


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No Title 

This is just a brief post, I’m going to make an effort ,to try and attempt writing more posts.

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Housing shows 

After watching many housing shows about renovating houses and flipping houses. I’ve come to realize that I do not see any shows that deal with the mobile homes or other manufactured homes.

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Watching shows on HGTV and reading housing books has made me feel as though my wife and I could easily get into housing projects. 

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Green Lion 

Looking to start up Green Lion services as soon as possible, out here in New Mexico. 

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Here as of Mid March we will be Michigan bound.

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