Three days ago was the beginning of a new work adventure. I’m currently employed with a local temp agency which in a strange way is a wonderful and unique experience. For about a month I was working for a company called Herman Miller, which was a wonderful experience and fun while it lasted. However it was best to part ways and try a new path with the temp agency. 

With that being said, the Temp agency had placed me with a company called Serve u success. Which handles the distribution inventory of a semi national grocery chain called Meijer. As basic of a description as I can give we load up inventory onto Pallets in the warehouse to be shipped to the various stores . It’s pretty fun even though I’m still adjusting and learning. More freedoms and less feeling like a robotic worker bee.

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I published my new episode testing the waters, please check it out.


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No Title 

This is just a brief post, I’m going to make an effort ,to try and attempt writing more posts.

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Housing shows 

After watching many housing shows about renovating houses and flipping houses. I’ve come to realize that I do not see any shows that deal with the mobile homes or other manufactured homes.

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Watching shows on HGTV and reading housing books has made me feel as though my wife and I could easily get into housing projects. 

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Green Lion 

Looking to start up Green Lion services as soon as possible, out here in New Mexico. 

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Here as of Mid March we will be Michigan bound.

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I have decided that I will delete the mobile WordPress App, but will still do my best to post.

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Tomorrow my wife and myself, will take our 23 month old and her aunt duh duh to the Durango Airport so she can go and spend a few weeks in Michigan visiting family.

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Today my wife and I went in for a 2 week check up with a new O.B, then in 2 weeks back to her main O.B then we will probably get set up with a different O.B before getting back to our regular doctor. I understand why they put expectant mothers through a round of musical doctors. However they should fair warn the mother ahead of time like when they first agree to be the main doctor of said mother. That way the parents the mothers especially are not thrown off by the sudden changes.

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